Window Films for Privacy, Heat Control, Glare Reduction, UV Protection, Security & Decoration


Keep your home and office cool, safe & private with the installation of highly effective window films.

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Is your conservatory too hot?​

Is it impossible for you to enjoy your conservatory on a bright day? Is it  too hot and like a greenhouse?  Window films are super effective at managing room temperature by reducing excess heat that enters the room.

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Is your home office too bright?

Finding yourself squinting at a computer screen or having to close the blinds so you can see the TV on a bright day?  Window films minimise glare from the sun on TV & computer screens!

Is your furniture & upholstery being faded by the sun?

Bi-folds, patio doors & large windows are a beautiful way to bring light into any room in your house but with that comes intense heat & harmful UV rays that typically cause fading and premature aging of furniture & upholstery. Window films reduce the heat and filter harmful UV so you can enjoy an nice balance of light but without the heat and sun damage.

Is your home overlooked by neighbours or passers-by?

Window films for privacy – Privacy Window Films can help you add privacy to your windows from passers by or overlooking neighbours.

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Looking to make your home more safe & secure?

You can make glass more safe & secure by making glass harder to break or at least holding any dangerous shards of glass together where breakage occurs.

Looking to obscure the view on both sides of the glass whilst still maintaining good light levels?

You can use decorative & frosted window films to make glass look more interesting and hide unsightly views. Common applications include decorating office partitions, obscuring unsightly views in the home,. such as neighbouring walls & fences,  and also a modern alternative to net curtains in areas that you want privacy, whilst still enjoying natural unfiltered daylight!

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